K Lanricin & Balsum Cream 475gm



K Lanricin & Balsum Cream 475gm

Manicure & Pedicure Cream for Dry, Cracking Hands & Feet

Direction for use:

  • MANICURE: Massage mani-pedi cream into each hand and pay attention to the fingers. To remove the right rings, rub the cream onto it. Soak the hands in bowl of warm water for at-least 3-5 minutes, to soften the cuticle, then dry gently.


  • PEDICURE: Massage mani-pedi cream all over the feet and each toe, then firmly move the hand upwards over the bridge of the feet, from toes to ankles, massage up to the knee if desired, Soak the feel in a bowl of warm spray water for at-least 3 minutes, then dry.


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